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Pre-order the official version today, and get ahead of the queue.
Our BETA pilot is now complete. We are taking all the feedback and upgrading our products. We’ll be launching an improved version of the product in the next couple of months. You can pre-order here to get ahead.

We are still testing our products so your feedback will be invaluable to us. We are selling only 500 units at a special discounted price.


These are more than just sustainable sunglasses. They are:

  • UV Polarized, and so they actually protect your eyes from the sun.
  • Feather-light on your head but still with that trendy thick look. They weigh just 26 grams.
  • Durable and bendy, so if they don’t fit your face perfectly, they bend and adapt easily. And these won’t break even if you sit on them, or throw them off a building.
  • Unisex, medium-sized, and in a suave Charcoal Black colour that you won’t find anywhere else. Please see the image gallery for product sizing / dimensions.

Add yes, these will be the most sustainable sunglasses you’ll ever own:

  • Scan the QR Code on the side of the sunglasses to see the impact you’re creating – where the waste came from, which waste-pickers collected it and worked on it.
  • Frames are made from post-consumer “impossible-to-recycle” plastic waste – think packets of chips, chocolate wrappers, etc. 0% of this multi-layered packaging (MLP) is recycled globally, but we’ve found a way, and you’re helping by buying these. And yes, these are the world’s first recycled sunglasses made from packets of chips.
  • 1 sunglasses frame = 5 packets of chips recycled.
  • 10% of all our sales go towards school scholarships for children of waste-pickers. Waste-pickers are also formally incorporated into our supply chain, and help make your sunglasses. And we pay a premium to waste-pickers for this waste that no one buys.
  • Our packaging is plastic-free and sustainable from The MEND Packaging.
  • Even the carbon footprint of your delivery is neutralized through
  • And if these sunglasses break, send them back to us for free so we can recycle them for you.

So when you wear these sunglasses, you’re not just wearing sunglasses, you’re wearing change

NOTE: We are taking pre-orders for these that we hope to start shipping by August 1, 2023 (hopefully sooner).

We can engrave your initials (or any 5 characters really) into the inside of the arms of the sunglasses. They'll be in all caps (because that looks way cooler), and we might not be able to accommodate all of your emojis. Most importantly, it's subtle, we promise.
Not more than 5 characters, please. If you add more, it just won't fit.
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